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I love writing for Vocal Media because the challenge writing prompts encourage me to try something new, and also give me a break from writing my next novel. I’ve had some success on this platform, winning one challenge and earning a few Top Stories.

Adopting A Dinosaur – First Place Challenge Winner

I Need A New Robe Belt – NYC Midnight First Place

The Perfect Date Night – Top Story


I began practicing vinyasa-style hot yoga in 2011. I was attending the University of Calgary with a full course load, studying psychology, and working as a server. When we moved to BC the first thing I did was find a local hot yoga studio, which I now manage. I completed my 200h YTT while pregnant with my second-born child, and now teach several yoga, fitness, and goat yoga classes every week.

I’m happily married to the love of my life, and my muse. We have two little boys, who keep me on my toes!

Lindsay Maple

BC, Canada

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Religious Studies
Healthy Cooking
Reading (of course)
Sims Addiction (in recovery)


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